We pay particular attention to occupied sleeping areas during EMF Inspections. We believe that reducing EMFs in the bedroom is of critical importance.
EMF Testing Ontario

What is a Sleeping Sanctuary?

More than a peaceful, serene and calming environment, a true sleeping sanctuary provides an environment that is as close to a natural one as possible.  While organic mattresses and bedding are great for reducing our exposure to toxins and flame retardants, EMFs are a different type of toxin that are seldom considered.

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Why is a Sleeping Sanctuary Important?

On average, we spend about one third of our lives in our beds, hopefully sleeping soundly!  It is well established that sleeping well is a key element of good health.  During sleep, our bodies heal from the daily stresses.
Optimal Sleep

Optimal Sleep

It has been reported that exposure to unnatural light after sunset can disrupt our ability to achieve optimal sleep.  This is because our bodies can sense and detect artificial light (emitted from an alarm clock display, cellphone screen, or nightlight for example) and this can disrupt hormone production that occurs during sleep.

Sleeping Patterns

Sleeping Patterns

What has not been yet realized by most, is that our bodies also sense unnatural EMFs and this too can disrupt sleeping patterns (circadian rhythm) and the natural healing and restorative processes, such as melatonin production, that are a key part of regenerative sleep.

Sources of EMFs in the Bedroom

Most people are surprised to learn that the most common items in a bedroom are some of the biggest offenders.  Lamps on night tables (even when turned off!) continue to radiate with ‘live voltage’ and produce a constant electric field that extends 6 to 8 feet in every direction, typically covering the entire mattress.  Alarm clocks also produce a constant electric field, as well as a large magnetic field.  It is important to stress that in the case of bedside lamps, turning them off does NOT eliminate the constant electrical field.

Even after unplugging and removing items such as bedside lamps, our experience has shown that that a strong electric field remains in virtually every bedroom that we test. This is because almost all of the electrical wiring that runs through the walls, floors and ceilings of a home is ‘live’ with voltage, and this voltage is producing a constant electric field which tends to engulf the entire sleeping area around the clock. Quite often, testing will also show that these electric fields also contain an element of dirty electricity.

In 1996, a study by the British scientist, Dr. Roger Coghill, showed that AC electric fields (as are often found in sleeping areas) are a contributing factor to headaches, fatigue, and depression.

EMF Testing Ontario
EMF Testing Ontario

Body Voltage Testing in the Bedroom

Every EMF inspection includes a comprehensive ‘body voltage’ test for each occupied bedroom.  This test measures the amount of radiating EMFs that are reaching your body from anything plugged into a wall, as well as from all of the electrical wiring hidden behind the walls, floors and ceilings.

Each and every electrical circuit in the home is tested, and we identify ALL of the circuits that create an electrical field strong enough to extend into a sleeping area.  These circuits are marked and recorded at the home’s electrical panel, and solutions are presented for eliminating these EMFs during night-time sleep. Quite often, a *no-cost* solution can be implemented.


Every EMF home inspection includes detailed ‘bed maps’ which show the level of Electric and Magnetic fields across each bed surface. Once the sources of these EMFs are identified and eliminated, we retest the bed surfaces to verify the drop in EMF levels. These bed maps are also included in every EMF inspection report.
EMF Testing Ontario

Building Biology Exposure Guidelines for Sleeping Areas
Measurement in Volts per Meter (V/m)