EMF Inspections provides EMF testing and consulting for homes and offices

Some of our more common EMF consulting services include

High Voltage Power Line Testing

Are you working or living near high voltage power lines and concerned about EMF exposure?  We provide professional EMF measurements and consulting to help you assess your situation.

Cell Tower RF Measurements and Shielding Solutions

Are you concerned about radio frequency radiation from local cellular towers or antennas installed on nearby buildings?  We can provide an onsite consultation which includes testing as well as the development of a shielding strategy, if required.

EMF Home Assessments

A comprehensive inspection of your home and the non-natural EMFs found from various internal and external sources.  Wireless devices, electrical wiring issues, solar power, nearby hydro lines and cell towers are some of the common sources of EMFs that we can help assess.

EMF Consulting for Office and Commercial Spaces

If you or your employees are concerned about EMF exposure in the workplace, we can help.  Electrical rooms, transformers and other electrical equipment can be potential sources of EMFs.  Determine safe distances and learn about shielding options.

Pre-purchase EMF Home Inspections

A pre-purchase EMF inspection of a home focuses on external as well as internal sources of EMFs that may be impossible or costly to mitigate. EMFs from nearby power lines and cell towers, as well as wiring and grounding issues can be assessed before you close the deal.

Low-EMF Home Design Consultations

Many of the unnatural EMFs that exist inside almost all homes today can be greatly reduced or even eliminated if these EMF sources are considered during the design & building stages.  A low-EMF home provides a more natural living environment.

EMF Management Plans

Developers in the Toronto area may be required to submit an EMF Management Plan as part of their development application package.  EMF Inspections has worked with several developers over the years to help assess nearby EMF sources and create management plans.

EMF Site Surveys – Implanted Medical Devices

Workers with implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers or defibrillators, need to understand and manage their EMF exposure levels. Manufacturers of such devices may recommend an onsite survey of electromagnetic fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of certifications and training do your EMF inspectors have?

Certifications obtained through the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology:

  • Certified Building Biologist (BBEC)
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)

Other training:

  • Geovital – Radiation Assessment and Mitigation Training

What type of EMF detection equipment do you use?

We use primarily Gigahertz Solution EMF meters from Germany as well as an assortment of other meters suited to certain tasks. Below is a partial list of equipment:

Radio Frequency (wireless) measurements:

  • Gigahertz Solutions HF59B Radio Frequency Analyzer and antennas
  • Gigahertz Solutions HFW59D Radio Frequency Analyzer and antennas

AC Electric and Magnetic Field measurements:

  • Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 3D EMF meter

Is it possible to purchase and use my own EMF meters?

This is a great question. It is certainly possible to purchase EMF meters and learn how to use them in order to detect EMF levels in your home or office. Assuming your EMF meters are fairly accurate, this tells you whether or not there is need for concern. Knowing what to do next is not always obvious.

While our EMF inspection services include the professional ‘detection’ and measurement of EMFs, we feel that the value we bring extends into the proper identification of various EMF sources (knowing exactly ‘what’ is creating the fields that we are measuring) as well as extensive experience and knowledge of effective EMF remediation strategies.

What type of EMF solutions do you recommend?

Depending on the ‘type’ of EMF, there are various approaches for reducing exposure.

Typically these can be categorized as:

  • Eliminate/replace the source of the EMF
  • Reduce usage of the EMF source
  • Create distance from the EMF source
  • Shield the EMF using shielding products such as paints, fabrics, foils

Our approach to reducing exposure to EMFs is a simple one.

  1. Measure – identify EMF levels and the various sources
  2. Mitigate – provide EMF reduction strategies and solutions
  3. Re-measure – show a quantified reduction in exposure