An EMF inspection is most beneficial when we can work along side you, and explain our findings as we go.  Together, we will:
  • Perform comprehensive EMF testing for the 4 most prominent types of man-made EMFs
  • Discuss the levels that we detect and compare them to various safety/exposure guidelines
  • Reduce or eliminate as many sources as possible, and verify this with the testing equipment.
  • Discuss recommendations/solutions for EMF sources that cannot be corrected during the visit (if any) – for example, cell tower radiation and other neighbourhood EMFs that cannot be controlled within the home.
  • Discuss safer use of technology such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.

In addition, we will provide a detailed report of all findings and recommendations, and most importantly, we will take the time to answer any and all questions about EMFs.

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    Measuring Radio Frequencies
    Magnetic Fields Caused By Wiring Errors
    Measuring Bed Surfaces for Electric Fields
    Dirty Electricity On Home Wiring

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an EMF inspection take?

Most home inspections typically take a minimum of 3-4 hours for a 1-3 bedroom home.

Do I/we need to be home for the inspection?

Ideally, yes – much of the value in an EMF inspection comes from the hands on testing, discussing the findings, implementing solutions, and re-testing to insure that EMF exposure has been reduced/eliminated. We encourage you to participate in the process and ask as many questions as you would like!

Is it possible to purchase my own meters and test my home?

This is a great question. While the EMF meters are a key part of the inspection process (they make the invisible, visible!), much of the value in the EMF inspection is the interpretation of these results, the identification of the various sources of EMFs (sometimes it is obvious, other times it is not) as well as understanding and application of the possible solutions.