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EMF Testing Ontario

EMF Consulting in London

We are a small team of certified experts specializing in EMF testing in London, Ontario and area. With over 12 years of experience, we are dedicated to assessing and addressing electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures in homes and offices. We use only professional-grade EMF meters and detection equipment and are capable of assessing all types of non-natural EMR (electromagnetic radiation) including electric and magnetic fields, wireless radiation, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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Some of our most common services include:

High Voltage Power Line Testing

Are you working or living near high voltage power lines and concerned about EMF exposure?  We provide professional EMF measurements and consulting to help you assess your situation.

Cell Tower RF Measurements and Shielding Solutions

Are you concerned about radio frequency radiation from local cellular towers or antennas installed on nearby buildings?  We can provide an onsite consultation which includes testing as well as the development of a shielding strategy, if required.

EMF Home Assessments

A comprehensive inspection of your home and the non-natural EMFs found from various internal and external sources.  Wireless devices, electrical wiring issues, solar power, nearby hydro lines and cell towers are some of the common sources of EMFs that we can help assess.

EMF Consulting for Office and Commercial Spaces

If you or your employees are concerned about EMF exposure in the workplace, we can help.  Electrical rooms, transformers and other electrical equipment can be potential sources of EMFs.  Determine safe distances and learn about shielding options.

Pre-purchase EMF Home Inspections

A pre-purchase EMF inspection of a home focuses on external as well as internal sources of EMFs that may be impossible or costly to mitigate. EMFs from nearby power lines and cell towers, as well as wiring and grounding issues can be assessed before you close the deal.

Low-EMF Home Design Consultations

Many of the unnatural EMFs that exist inside almost all homes today can be greatly reduced or even eliminated if these EMF sources are considered during the design & building stages.  A low-EMF home provides a more natural living environment.

EMF Site Surveys – Implanted Medical Devices

Workers with implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers or defibrillators, need to understand and manage their EMF exposure levels. Manufacturers of such devices may recommend an onsite survey of electromagnetic fields.

  • Friendly


    We will absolutely take the time to answer any questions that you have before, during and after an EMF inspection. We strive to present the findings and recommendations in a way that makes sense!

  • Thorough


    Often we are able to uncover EMF sources that are not immediately apparent, as well as sources that you might not expect!  A thorough approach is the only way to identify and eliminate/protect against EMFs.

  • Professional


    We are certified electromagnetic radiation specialists with over 12 years of consulting experience. We use only professional-grade equipment and provide advice that you can trust.