Office and commercial buildings may be affected by EMFs from various sources. Electrical rooms, elevator shafts, electrical conduits and transformers can create EMFs that affect nearby spaces.

Sometimes creating a little more space between high-use areas and EMF sources is an effective solution. Other times, shielding is a viable option.

Commercial EMF Testing for Offices

If electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your workplace are a cause for concern, our onsite EMF assessment delivers the insights you need. Our comprehensive commercial EMF testing services thoroughly investigate potential areas of concern within your office building.

We provide a detailed discussion of the detected EMF levels, comparing them against relevant exposure guidelines. Should elevated EMF levels be identified, our expert team will pinpoint their source(s) and propose effective remediation strategies to mitigate exposure risks.

Ensure a safe working environment with our tailored commercial EMF testing services.

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Examples of EMF sources and concerns at work
  • Workspaces located near electrical rooms, transformers, or electrical conduits
  • Buildings located near high voltage power lines
  • Wireless radiation from cellular antennas mounted on the roof of the building or nearby cell towers
  • Magnetic fields from electrical equipment, motors or other high-powered sources
  • Sensitive electronic equipment being affected by electromagnetic interference