The greatest opportunity to reduce or even eliminate EMFs inside a home is during the design and construction phase.
Low-EMF Consulting for Home Construction and Renovations

Every home build or renovation project is unique. Clients may have different goals when it comes to determining desired outcomes with regard to EMFs inside the home. Certain design considerations can provide dramatically lower EMF levels in high use areas of the home, especially sleeping areas.

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What’s Included
  • Discovery meeting in order to determine client goals
  • Initial build site visit to determine background levels of EMFs
  • Assessment of building plans with regard to potential EMF hotspots
  • The creation and review of a low-EMF wiring protocol with builder and/or electrical contractor
  • Solutions to reduce EMFs in the sleeping area(s)
  • Assessment of any questionable electrical products/systems for EMFs
  • Onsite inspection and testing during key phases of the build
  • Final testing and report
Frequently Asked Questions

At what point during a new home build or renovation should we consider EMF consulting?

Ideally, we would like to be involved as early in the process as possible. We can help assess possible build sites for EMFs, as well as provide certain low-EMF design input early in the design process.

That said, even if the build site has been determined, and the initial plans drawn up, we’re happy to engage in the process and feel that it’s never too late for us to provide value.

How much does a low-EMF approach add to the cost of the build?

Often, surprisingly little. Certain low-EMF design considerations cost nothing at all. Other solutions may add a nominal amount to material and/or labour costs.