Are you concerned about EMFs from nearby power lines, or perhaps a cell tower that seems to be located a little too close?

A pre-purchase EMF inspection can highlight potential issues, provide details on possible solutions, or simply provide peace of mind before completing a real estate transaction.

Why have a pre-purchase EMF Inspection performed?

Specifically tailored to real estate transactions, a pre-purchase EMF inspection focuses on identifying any potential issues which may be impossible or costly to correct after moving in. Wether you are looking to purchase or rent, identifying any such issues before you sign on the dotted line makes good sense.

In addition to the obvious potential EMF sources such as nearby high-voltage power lines, less obvious sources of EMFs can exist inside the home itself. Electrical wiring issues or ‘stray electrical current’ found on metal plumbing, gas lines, or bonding wires are also potential sources of EMFs. In fact, wiring issues inside a home can often create EMFs that are much higher than EMFs from nearby power lines. Thankfully, these types of wiring issues can often be easily corrected once identified.

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What’s Included

A pre-purchase EMF inspection includes an assessment of EMFs from the following potential sources:

  • EMFs from external sources such as overhead power lines, and nearby cell towers
  • EMFs from wiring and/or grounding issues inside the home (often times these can be easily corrected once identified)
  • EMFs from ‘hotspots’ such as electrical panels, electrical motors, HVAC units inside the home which may be located too close to high-use areas (especially sleeping areas)
  • In older homes, EMFs from knob and tube wiring which may still exist inside the home.
Frequently Asked Questions

Will a traditional inspection of the homes electrical system uncover potential EMF issues?

If you are considering purchasing a home, you will almost certainly want to have a traditional home inspection performed. Such an inspection ensures the mechanical soundness and the safety of you and your family. Unfortunately, traditional home inspections do not consider EMFs.

Home inspectors, of the traditional type, may test electrical wiring as it applies to electrical code and functionality – however a traditional home inspection will not test for wiring and grounding issues that can result in EMF hotspots inside the home.

How long after the EMF inspection will the results be available?

As is often the case, timing can be critical with a new home purchase.
Results from EMF testing are available immediately during the inspection.

Do you need access to the inside of the home?

In order to provide a thorough inspection of the home, inside and out – access to the home is ideal. However, if the main concern is an external EMF source (such as nearby power lines), this can be assessed fairly accurately outside and around the home without access to the home itself.

Do I/we need to be present for the EMF inspection?

Ideally, yes… but not essential. Regarding the timing of the EMF testing, it is not uncommon to include the condition of a home inspection as part of an offer to purchase. Often, we can coordinate the EMF testing at the same time as a traditional home inspection.

How long will a pre-purchase EMF inspection take?

Typically, the onsite EMF inspection requires 1 to 2 hours onsite depending on the size of the home and the findings.