Are you concerned about radio frequency (RF) radiation from local cell towers or antennas installed on nearby buildings?

We can provide an onsite consultation which includes RF measurements as well as the development of a shielding strategy, if required.

Navigating Cell Tower RF: Measurements, Assessments, and Shielding Solutions

Are you wondering about the safety of your proximity to cell towers or antennas? At EMF Inspections, we frequently assist clients in measuring and evaluating the radiation emanating from nearby cell towers. With the proliferation of 4G and 5G antennas, understanding the levels of radio frequency (RF) radiation exposure has become a growing concern.

If you’re uneasy about potential health effects from nearby cell tower radiation, connect with us today to schedule an assessment for your home or office. Our experts will measure the RF radiation, and if you wish to minimize your exposure, we can offer guidance on effective RF shielding solutions. Explore a safer environment by taking informed steps with EMF Inspections.

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Cell Tower Radiation Assessment – What’s Included
  • Preliminary research of the cellular towers and antennas in your area.
  • Onsite measurement of radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell towers and other sources of wireless radiation.
  • A comprehensive report of the findings including a comparison of the detected RF levels to various exposure guidelines.
  • Customized RF shielding recommendations, if desired.  We have experience with highly effective RF shielding products such as EMF shielding paints, foils, meshes, fabrics and RF blocking window film.
What is a safe distance from a cell tower?

When evaluating the safe distance from a cell tower, various studies have explored the connection between cell tower radiation and potential health effects at specific distances. While a general guideline of 1000 metres or more is often suggested, exceptions exist, and the required distance may vary depending on the circumstances. Conducting an assessment is crucial, especially if you can see a cell tower or antennas from your residential or office space.

The visibility of a cell tower, or having a direct line of sight, plays a significant role in determining radiofrequency (RF) exposure. If the cell tower or antennas are visible, it indicates that there is no barrier between you and the antennas, leaving you exposed. Although buildings and trees can effectively shield against wireless radiation, it’s important to note that radiation may also reflect off nearby structures and reach your surroundings.

Additionally, consider the orientation of the antennas and whether they are directed towards your location. Cellular antennas emit a directional plume of radiation, with the most concentrated exposure occurring directly in front of them. Understanding these factors is essential for gauging the potential RF exposure and establishing a safe distance from a cell tower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if there are cell towers near me?

Using a website that maps the locations of cell towers and antennas is one of the first steps you can take to determine the distance between you and nearby cell towers and antennas.  Note that online tools such as these are fairly accurate but may not include the newest cell towers or antennas.


Cell Tower Map USA –

Cell Tower Map Canada –

Are there 5G antennas in my area?

5G coverage continues to grow – use this Interactive 5G coverage map to see about 5G in your area:

What are effective methods to shield my home or office from cell tower and 5G radiation?

Shielding your space from cell tower and 5G radiation is not only possible but highly effective. At EMF Inspections, we specialize in assessing your exposure and recommending tailored solutions. Our expertise extends to a range of shielding options, including RF blocking paints, foils, meshes, window films, and fabrics. For enhanced protection in sleeping areas, shielded bed canopies can be particularly effective, provided they are installed under optimal conditions. Each shielding project must be evaluated to ensure the selection and correct installation of the most suitable RF shielding products. Trust EMF Inspections for comprehensive and customized shielding solutions to create a safer living or working environment.