Are you concerned about radio frequency (RF) radiation from local cellular towers or antennas installed on nearby buildings?

We can provide an onsite consultation which includes RF measurements as well as the development of a shielding strategy, if required.

How close is too close?

One of the most common requests that we have from clients is to help with the measurement and assessment of radiation from nearby cell towers or antennas.  As more 4G and 5G antennas appear, people want to know what level of radio frequency (RF) radiation they are being exposed to.

If you are concerned about the possible health effects from nearby cell tower radiation, contact us today to arrange an assessment of your home or office.  If, after measuring, you would like to reduce your exposure, we can provide guidance on various RF shielding solutions.

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Cell Tower Radiation Assessment – What’s Included
  • Preliminary research of the cellular towers and antennas in your area.
  • Onsite measurement of radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell towers and other sources of wireless radiation.
  • A comprehensive report of the findings including a comparison of the detected RF levels to various exposure guidelines.
  • Customized RF shielding recommendations, if desired.  We have experience with highly effective RF shielding products such as EMF shielding paints, foils, meshes, fabrics and RF blocking window film.
What is a safe distance from a cell tower?

Several studies have attempted to establish a link between cell tower radiation and reported health effects at certain distances. Often, 1000 or more metres is established as a guideline but there are certainly exceptions to this rule and more distance may be required depending on the situation. If you can see a cell tower or antennas from your home or office, it is definitely worth an assessment.

Whether or not a cell tower is visible (direct line of site) is one of the biggest factors in determining RF exposure from that particular tower.  If you can see the cell tower or antennas, that means there is nothing between you and the antennas acting as a shield.  While buildings and trees can be very effective at shielding wireless radiation, it is also possible that radiation may bounce off of nearby buildings and into your space.

Another factor to consider is the exact direction of the antennas and whether or not they are pointed in your direction.  Cellular antennas produce a directional plume of radiation that tends to be most prevalent directly in front of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if there are cell towers near me?

Using a website that maps the locations of cell towers and antennas is one of the first steps you can take to determine the distance between you and nearby cell towers and antennas.  Note that online tools such as these are fairly accurate but may not include the newest cell towers or antennas.


Cell Tower Map USA –

Cell Tower Map Canada –

Is there 5G in my area?

5G coverage continues to grow – use this Interactive 5G coverage map to see about 5G in your area:

How can I shield my home or office from cell tower and 5G radiation?

Shielding cell tower radiation is very possible and can be quite effective.  We can help you assess your exposure and provide advice on shielding solutions such as RF blocking paints, foils, meshes, window film and fabrics.  Shielded bed canopies can work well to protect sleeping areas from RF radiation, but must be installed under the right conditions.  Each shielding project must be carefully assessed to ensure that the right RF shielding products are chosen and installed correctly.