Providing Professional EMF Assessments
in the Greater Toronto Area & Beyond

About EMFs

We test for 4 types of EMFs during each inspection: Radio Frequency, AC Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields and Dirty Electricity.

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EMF Testing

We’ll inspect your home or office for EMFs, and show you how to reduce and/or eliminate exposure from the various sources of EMF.

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Sleeping Sanctuary

We can help you create a Sleeping Sanctuary that provides an electromagnetic environment that is as close to a natural one as possible.

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  • Friendly


    We will absolutely take the time to answer any questions that you have before, during and after an EMF inspection. We strive to present the findings and recommendations in a way that makes sense!

  • Thorough


    Often we are able to uncover EMF sources that are not immediately apparent, as well as sources that you might not expect!  A thorough approach is the only way to identify and eliminate/protect against EMFs.

  • Professional


    First and foremost, we are always respectful of our client’s home/office. We work side by side with you during the EMF scan and ask permission before accessing the various parts of your home/office.

About John, BBEC

Personal health concerns, along with the concern for the health of my family have led me on a path to become a Certified Building Biologist (Building Biology is the holistic study of how our man-made environment impacts our health and wellbeing).

As we move towards a life of convenience, we often leave ‘wires’ behind in favour of wireless technologies. Living in an electric environment means that we are often surrounded with unnatural EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) as well as pervasive wireless signals.

Today, as a certified building biologist (BBEC), I am passionate about raising awareness regarding the growing body of evidence that suggests that there is a link between man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and human health. In addition to measuring EMR/EMFs, I am able to provide recommendations how best to reduce/eliminate or shield from various sources of EMR.


BBEC – Building Biology Environmental Consultant – Institute of Building Biology (Bau-Biologie)
EMRS – Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist – Institute of Building Biology


“We just want to thank John for all his help. Our home was very unsafe and we did not realize how sick it was making us. John was so generous with his time and helped us solve the problems going on behind our walls. We can’t express how grateful we are. His advice was so helpful and he got to the bottom of our EMF issues. I am so glad to say that after only 1 month of having our home fixed, my health has improved dramatically!

If we ever move to another house, I will be calling John right away to test for EMFs and make sure things are safe in the home.

Thanks so much again!”

– Maria, Hamilton, ON

“Thorough, patient testing of multiple areas in home. Employs cost effective measures to reduce and mitigate effects of EMFs. Knowledgeable and detailed in reporting. Thank you for your help!”

– Susan, Vaughan, ON

We look forward to helping you create a healthier home.

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