Providing Professional EMF Assessments
in the Greater Toronto Area & Beyond

EMF Testing Ontario
About EMFs

There are several types of EMFs for which we can measure and provide mitigation advice: Radio Frequency, AC Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields, and Dirty Electricity.

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EMF Testing Ontario
EMF Testing

We’ll inspect your home or office for EMFs, and show you how to reduce and/or eliminate exposure from the various sources of EMF.

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EMF Testing Ontario
Sleeping Sanctuary

We can help you create a Sleeping Sanctuary that provides an electromagnetic environment that is as close to a natural one as possible.

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  • Friendly


    We will absolutely take the time to answer any questions that you have before, during and after an EMF inspection. We strive to present the findings and recommendations in a way that makes sense!

  • Thorough


    Often we are able to uncover EMF sources that are not immediately apparent, as well as sources that you might not expect!  A thorough approach is the only way to identify and eliminate/protect against EMFs.

  • Professional


    We are certified electromagnetic radiation specialists with over 12 years of consulting experience. We use only professional-grade equipment and provide advice that you can trust.

About John, BBEC, EMRS

In 2010, personal health concerns led me on a quest for answers. After researching EMFs and the health studies that surround them, I became a Certified Building Biologist (Building Biology is the holistic study of how our man-made environment impacts our health and wellbeing). As we move towards a life of convenience, we often leave ‘wires’ behind in favour of wireless technologies. Living in an electric environment means that we are often surrounded with unnatural EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) as well as pervasive wireless signals. Today, I am passionate about raising awareness regarding the growing body of evidence that suggests that there is a link between man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and human health. In addition to measuring EMFs, my training and experience allows me to help others identify the exact sources of EMFs in their environment and provide practical solutions to help reduce exposure.


BBEC – Building Biology Environmental Consultant
EMRS – Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist