Providing Professional EMF Assessments

in the Greater Toronto Area & Beyond

EMF Inspections specializes in assessing and measuring electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.  We help clients understand EMF exposure levels and can provide advice on solutions that can help reduce exposure, if necessary. Some of our services include:

EMF Assessments

Comprehensive evaluations of the EMF levels in a property, including measurements of radio frequency (RF) fields, magnetic fields, and electric fields. The assessments include a report detailing the findings as well as any recommendations for reducing exposure to EMF.

EMF Consulting

Helping clients with specific EMF-related concerns.  This includes scenarios such as:  EMF exposure from nearby electrical equipment or electric rooms, EMF/EMI exposure assessment for workers who have implanted heart devices, and EMF Management Plans for developer applications in Toronto.

EMF Remediation

If the EMF levels in a property are found to be higher than desired, EMF Inspections can help assess and implement various remediation measures to reduce exposure. These might include an EMF shielding strategy, relocating devices, or making changes to the electrical wiring in a building.

  • Experienced


    Proudly serving the GTA and Southwestern Ontario since 2011.  Experienced with a wide range of EMF-related scenarios and solutions.

  • Certified


    Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) – Institute of Building Biology & Ecology.

  • Knowledgeable


    A strong understanding of environmental exposure guidelines and research, as well as EMF measurement and mitigation best practices.

Trust a Certified and Experienced EMF Consultant

Living in a wirelessly connected and electrified environment means that we are often surrounded with man-made, unnatural EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields).

Trust a certified and experienced consultant to perform a comprehensive assessment of your environment and provide tailored recommendations for reducing exposure to EMFs.

At EMF Inspections, we have been providing EMF Assessments across Southwestern Ontario for over 12 years and pride ourselves in our work. We have firsthand experience with, and access to, a variety of solutions. We help our clients make sense of the available options and can recommend products from various suppliers as well as provide implementation support, post-inspection.

EMF Testing Ontario

The firsthand knowledge and expertise to accurately assess the levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from a wide variety of potential sources of exposure.  Often we are able to uncover EMF sources that are not immediately apparent, as well as sources that you might not expect.


We use only professional-grade EMF detection equipment and proven measurement protocols to ensure accurate assessments.  Findings are presented in an easy-to-understand format and provide the necessary context around various EMF exposure guidelines.


With over a decade of onsite inspection experience, we’ve encountered just about every type of EMF-related scenario which allows us to quickly recognize and identify problems as well as provide effective solutions.

Team Depth

Certified Building Biologists benefit from extensive training and in-person workshops. We are part of a professional community that contributes to, and shares in, a collective body of knowledge and experience.

EMF Testing Ontario

BBEC – Building Biology Environmental Consultant
EMRS – Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist