If you are concerned about living or working near high voltage power lines, you may want to consider having EMF measurements taken in order to determine the level of electromagnetic fields affecting the home or office.

Our certified consultants will provide you with accurate EMF measurements and the information you need to assess your situation.

Power Lines and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

When electricity is transmitted through high voltage power lines, an electromagnetic field is produced.  The more power that is pushed through the lines, the bigger the magnetic field.  This electromagnetic energy may extend to and affect nearby homes and office buildings.  As distance increases from the power lines, the magnetic field decreases rapidly.

If you are concerned with nearby high voltage power lines, or require an EMF management plan, contact us today to arrange for a professional assessment.

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What’s Included
  • Comprehensive onsite testing of the property and surrounding area in order to accurately assess the impact of the high voltage power lines.
  • Immediate feedback on the testing results followed by a written report for your records.  The report includes a comparison of the findings to EMF exposure guidelines that have been set forth by various countries and health authorities including the World Health Organization.
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What is a safe distance from high voltage power lines?

This is a very common question.  Distance from the power lines is certainly a key factor as electromagnetic fields can decrease quickly with distance.  So, how close is too close?  The rule of thumb is about 200 metres, or 700 feet… however, it’s always worth testing as there are a few factors that matter when it comes to the size and strength of magnetic fields from overhead transmission lines.

  • The type and arrangement of the power lines matter.  There can be more (or less) of a ‘cancellation’ effect that determines the size and reach of the magnetic field.
  • The amount of power flowing through the hydro lines can vary.  As more or less power is being pushed through the transmission lines, the resulting magnetic field will increase or decrease proportionally.

Further, the magnetic field from the power lines will fluctuate throughout the day as more or less power is being consumed and flowing through the wires. Typically, peak usage times will result in higher magnetic fields while off-peak usage can result in lower fields.  Contact us today and one of our certified EMF experts can help you assess your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is living near high voltage power lines a health risk?

There are several exposure guidelines set forth by governments and health bodies that vary greatly from country to country. In 2002, extremely low-frequency magnetic fields were classified by IARC as Group 2B, possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on the association with childhood leukemia.

Do you need access to the home or office for testing?

Ideally, yes, as this provides us with the most accurate EMF readings, especially on higher floors of the home or building.  If access is not possible, we can often assess the EMF levels by testing outside and around the property.  If you are interested in purchasing a home near power lines, you may want to consider a full pre-purchase EMF inspection for a more complete assessment of the property.

How soon after testing is the report available?

Typically, we are able to discuss the results as soon as we are finished with our onsite testing.  Depending on the initial findings, additional measurements or information about the power lines may required prior to sending the final report.

What can be done if the EMF levels are found to be higher than we are comfortable with?

While certain types of EMFs (such as wireless radiation) can be shielded, magnetic fields provide a unique challenge.  Unfortunately, it is often not feasible to shield entire homes or buildings from ambient magnetic fields such as those from overhead power lines.  While there are advanced solutions which can provide a ‘cancellation’ of the magnetic field, these are costly and limited to certain scenarios.

Professional measurements are important when it comes to assessing your exposure to EMFs from power lines.